1. I have just got home from an event why aren't the images from the event already up on your website?
Unfortunately images from events are not magically uploaded to our websites.
First of all we have got to get home ourselves, sometimes 200+ miles. We then have to go through the lengthy process of sorting the good images from the bad. If we are tagging the images we have to log each runners number against an image, upload the images to our website and then go back into the website and manually add each runners number to each image.
To help you find out when the images are going to be live we normally create a 'dummy' gallery which will have an estimated time that we reckon we can have all the images for an event uploaded.
In the busy months of the year we often have five or six events to cover over a weekend.

2. I have looked on your website but cannot see the event I am looking for?
We have two websites, one is for sport ( and the other site ( is for events. There are buttons on each website so that you can link quickly to either one of our sites.

3. I wish to place an order but I cannot see any prices or options
Select either the image you want or any other image and then scroll down the page and you will see a box labelled "BUY NOW".
Click on that box and all the options and prices for that Gallery will appear. Once you have decided on the option you require, using the drop-down box decide the quantity you want, and then add to cart.
If you now scroll back up the page you will see your shopping cart above the image. Continue selecting images you require and then click on shopping cart to go to check out.
Even if you haven't a PayPal account you can still check out through PayPal with a credit or debit card by clicking the "pay with debit or credit card" button.

4. I don't have a PayPal account how can I still order?
As stated above it is possible to pay through PayPal as a "guest" where you can use either a debit or credit card. to do this click on the "pay now" button and then choose "pay with debit or credit card" button.

5. What is the difference between a lo-res and a hi-res image?
A lo-res image has been reduced to 1200px (about 4") on the longest edge and is about 400-500k in size. The hi-res image is the full size image and will print to A4 or larger and is 3-5mb in size. The lo-res is mainly for web use (facebook, phone etc)

6. I have just ordered a digital image but I have not received it yet?
We do NOT send out digital images immediately!. We aim to turn around orders within 24hrs, however this depends on the queue we have for orders and also whether we are out on assignments. Once we have processed your order we will email you that we are about to send it to you and then we will email it to you via, normally, You can rest assured we will get your order to you as quickly as possible.

7. I have just ordered digital images - can I use them on Facebook etc?
We have no problem with you using the images you have purchased on Facebook or any other media sites etc. However, we do have a problem with people who steal our images and when we discover these images on people's media sites we report them to the appropriate Webmasters. Facebook especially, is very strict on images that are displayed on their website that show a photographer's copyright on the image. Facebook will remove galleries displaying these images and also persistent offenders have been known to have their Facebook accounts closed!

8. There is a watermark on the images on the website - will this watermark be on the final product?
No, as we have stated above all images are processed and 'tweaked' before we dispatch them

9. Can I have a discount on my order?
There is an old adage in business - "turnover is vanity - profit is sanity". As we don't get paid to attend events our prices are based on the latter and unfortunately after the photographers have been paid plus the office staff we need to sort & tag the images there is not enough money left to discount our products.

10. The image(s) i want to buy have been removed from view - can i still get them?
If you cannot find an older event it means the images have now been archived! Due to the cost of web space and to keep our costs competitive we archive galleries after 3 months.
However if you know your race number we can do a search of the database and it is possible that we may find some images with your number on. Also if you have kept image numbers from an event we should be able to access them in our database. We can then upload the images to a gallery for you to purchase. To cover the cost of this the price list will be slightly more than normal.
If you haven’t either of the above then a PREMIUM will have to be paid for the re-uploading of all the images from the event. If you would like more information please contact us, either through the contact tab on the left or by phone - 01308 867563/07798 735455

11. I have an upcoming event is it possible for you to cover it?
We would be more than happy to discuss any event you are promoting. Please contact us either by e-mail at, the web contact page or telephone us either 07798 735455 or 03018 867563